How to out GREEN your neighbor

The cost savings involved in managing our residential lawns and farm fields should begin with a simple soil analysis.  Save the green in your wallet and test your soils BEFORE you spend money on multi-step fertilizing products and/or lawn care/ farm field management agreements!  A simple soil analysis, which can cost as little as $18.00, can tell you what your soil needs or doesn't need BEFORE you sign the contract or purchase fertilizer.  The Mahoning County Farm Bureau and AWARE are hosting a soil testing workshop on June 6, 2016 at the Southern Park Stables.  The workshop is a collaborative event with the Ohio State University Extension Office, Eastgate Regional Council of Governments, Mahoning County Engineers Office, and Mahoning Soil and Water Conservation District and will feature information about our region’s soils, their needs and cost saving benefits to soil testing. Steve Prebonick, Certified Soil Scientist for Mahoning County, and Eric Barrett, OSU Extension Director for Mahoning County will discuss Mahoning County’s soil types and the importance of understanding soil nutrient needs and the effects of excess nutrients on water quality. Each attendee will learn how to retrieve a soil sample and instructions on where to take their sample for analysis. See the workshop flier below for more details.