"Wildcats" in Yellow Creek!

Residents of Yellow Creek, beware of the Wildcats wading in Yellow Creek! Not to be mistaken as the wild cats found on safari , these Wildcats are the students of Geoff Malcomson's Advanced Placement Environmental Science class.  In September these students spent a day at the 76-acre gorge area in Struthers running chemical tests to determine the concentration of nitrates, phosphates and dissolved oxygen. Also sampled were the macroinvertebratesto help determine the quality of the stream. Great Job Mr. Malcomson and class!  Keep up the great effort!
Picture Courtesy of SHS News and Melissa Kuntz

Thirsty for Knowledge?

Ever wonder what is in the water BEFORE it is treated by our (drinking) water treatment plants? Do you ever think about the process water goes through to be purified prior to reaching your faucet?  Well, here is an illustration placed above a Carnegie Science Center's drinking fountain! As you press on the button to get a drink of water, the water in the above, clear tube begins to bubble as if you were drawing your drink from it or in this case, filling your AWARE bottle! How Cool!
Thanks Carnegie Science Center!