Because nothing is perfect- 2017 Resolutions

There is a little "Calvin" in all of us! This Calvin and Hobbes excerpt from Bill Watterson's comic  is a reminder of how some resolutions are approached.   

At the January 2017 AWARE meeting, each attendee was asked to fill out a 2017 AWARE Resolution.  The responses are reminiscent of how AWARE's name change in 2009 redefined the group's purpose. Prior to 2009 AWARE was known as the Alliance for Watershed Education and Riparian Easements. A slight name change came after it was realized people may not know what a watershed or riparian easement was and therefore overlooked the group's significance. AWARE re-branding itself for education and outreach purposes and recognized the citizens and organizations involved with AWARE were educators in their respective positions.  AWARE morphed into a new role and became the Alliance for Watershed Action and Resource Education.

Because nothing is perfect, AWARE continues to grow in its outreach efforts.  The 2017 Resolutions made by AWARE are nothing short of obtainable.  They are possible, inclusive, and in need of everyone's help in order to achieve them.  Won't you consider making your own resolution or taking up a resolution and making it happen?  If not for yourself or agency, than for the improvement of our watershed's water quality? 

View 2017 AWARE Resolutions here.