Out GREEN your neighbor- Part 2

What if you were told you could save money WHILE still applying fertilizers to your property? You can with one simple cost effective step! A soil sample is an easy, cost effective step that can tell a landowner what type of diet your soils needs. Understanding your soil's nutrient needs PRIOR to fertilizing is your first step in saving the GREEN that belongs in your wallet.

The Mahoning County Farm Bureau and Mahoning County's Ohio State University Extension office are collaborating to bring another series of soil and soil fertility workshops to those who may have missed the first workshop held on June 6th. These workshops will uncover the secrets of a plush green lawn and/or garden while helping to protect local water quality. 

Whether you are a residential land owner, gardener, farmer, or landscaper these workshops are for YOU!  If you would like to save money each year on lawn care maintenance costs, this workshop if for YOU!  If you want to see your wallet greener than your neighbor's lawn, this workshop if for YOU!  Consider attending one or both of the workshops listed below!