Watershed Moment

I came across the term "watershed moment" one day when researching for ideas for an upcoming event's theme.  I am sure to have heard the terms used before, but curiosity caused me to find out what exactly the term meant.  According to the website Quora a watershed moment is "a point in time that marks an important, often historical change".  This is an interesting meaning to the idea, but here are some other interpretations of what it means:
  • "A watershed moment is when everything changes".  - P. Messaline
  • "A visible turn in direction for some trend or pattern".  - G. Allen
  • "Essentially a watershed moment marks a major historical point after which there is no going back". - J. Gordon
  • " A moment in time where everything changes". - T. Krekel
Water Quality Education should be one of those topics that creates a "visible turn in direction for some trend or pattern".  Can you think of some water quality trend trend or pattern that is in need of a turn in direction?  Share your thoughts with AWARE by submitting your thought.