Fertilizer Application Certification- Protecting Surface Waters

September 30, 2017 is the deadline for farmers to receive fertilizer application certification.  As per the Ohio SB150 farmers who farm 50 acres or more are required to take a 2-3 hour training course to receive the certification. See WKBN's news report about the new Nutrient Management requirement.

Why is fertilization management important?
It is important to note proper fertilization goes beyond the confines of a farmer, although this law only pertains to them.  Proper fertilization application can fall into the responsibility of land and homeowners who use fertilizers on their properties.  Fertilizers, when applied in excess amounts and at the wrong time can easily runoff into our local surface waters during a rain storm via neighborhood storm drains and roadside ditches. 

What can I do?
Before you sign you name to a commercial lawn maintenance company or buy your several bags of spring and summer fertilizers, perform a simple soil test!  A soil test is a cost effective way to see what exactly your lawn needs to maintain proper health.  Ask your commercial lawn company if they perform soil samples PRIOR to executing your lawn care contract.  If not, take the sample yourself and submit it to or one of several ag co-op centers who can prepare your sample for analysis.  You sample may show your lawn only need nitrogen or the pH adjusted. 

The Decision is yours...
The question you may want to ask BEFORE you sign on the line is how much GREEN do I want to keep in my pocket this year? The choice is yours, but your lawn, wallet, and surface waters will  thank you for taking the extra step.

For more information about soil sampling contact the following agencies:

Mahoning County Farm Bureau: 1-800-410-4613

Mahoning County OSU Extension Office: (330) 533-5538

Mahoning Soil and Water: (330) 740-7995

Fresh Coast Capital and AWARE

What do Fresh Coast Capital (Fresh Coast) and AWARE have in common? Take a look at Fresh Coast's website,  http://freshcoastcapital.com, to see how we share common grounds (or roots...hint, hint).


A Boardman School is Composting!

Congratulations to Boardman Glenwood Jr. High School on receiving a $16,053 Ohio Environmental Education Fund (OEEF) Grant! Students at the school will use the funds to reduce their waste by ~35% by composting waste in an EarthTub composting system. The composting will connect the idea of composting to issues facing the lakes within the Mill Creek MetroParks' lakes. In addition, the project will incorporate a compost day to educate school staff and community members about the benefits of using compost. At the conclusion of the project, bags of compost will be donated to community members,including parents, teachers, business owners and urban/community gardens.

Boardman Glenwood Jr. High applied for a OEEF General Grant, where funding requests are greater than $5,000, grant requests can be up to $50,000, and applications become more competitive. To put the award into perspective a total of $247,874 in general OEEF funds was awarded to 6 other entities  including Oberlin College, Ohio University, Columbus Green Building Forum, Lake Erie Nature and Science Center, the Toledo Zoo, and Earth Day Coalition. The OEEF program acquires its funding from 1/2 of the civil penalties collected from violations of Ohio's air and water pollution control regulations.

Congratulations again Boardman Glenwood Jr High for what will be a great project that is sure to continue bringing attention to our region and the value of our surface waters!!