From Source to Tap

Purifying water from Meander Reservoir takes more than a conventional, household filter (i.e. Brita).  The Business Journal takes readers on a video tour of Meander Water's purification system.   Watch the video here: 

Meander Reservoir looking north at the MVSD spillway.  MVSD's gate house in the background.

Resolve to Recycle- A New Year's Resolution

 Jenifeer Palada-Valdez, 2nd grader at McGuffey Elementary

Each year Green Youngstown holds a calendar competition for students throughout The Youngstown City School District to take part in.  he City's public, private, and charter schools are encouraged to take part and inspire their students to create a picture based on the theme chosen by Green Youngstown.  The 2016 calendar theme was "Resolve to Recycle" and numerous students submitted their art work for judging by Green Youngstown's Keeping America Board.  The board chose 13 winners from over 400 entries (!), and it was noted that the decision was not easy to make.